Ring Cluster Blues

My jewelry is influenced by an academic background in wildlife biology, and the inspirations found in our world’s flora and fauna.  I have been studying nature, sculpting, writing poetry, and painting my whole life.  I have a MS in Wildlife Biology, and taught art and science for many years at the Teton Science School in Grand Teton National Park.  Ten years ago, after my son was born, I began sculpting jewelry full time, and I love designing in my log cabin workshop.   I inscribe special messages for the wearer on the reverse of each piece, and I sculpt with attention to both the symbol and message of the design. The gemstones and silver are recycled, and I use bronze instead of gold, so my creations are truly eco-friendly.  I feel the symbolism of totems, stone meanings, and inspirations combine to create powerful designs that are beautiful to wear.  Each piece is unique; these are truly wearable sculptures.  Ten percent of sales are donated to environmental and social justice causes.

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